Friday, 25 May 2012

Summer //

This is just a quick life update - the weather has been SO GOOD recently in the UK! The sky has been really clear without clouds and it's sooooooooooo warm. Summer has finally arrived after a long winter - yay! say hi to sunbaths and tan skin 

so have you been enjoying summer and the sun lately? I shall talk to you soon xx

kawai, xx

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

DIY ♥ Braided Denim Bracelet

so... this is my first ever DIY post! I was flipping through my wardrobe yesterday... and I found a pair of OLD denim that I don't quite fit in now (cause I gained so much weight these days haha). Sure it would be such a waste just throwing them into the bin, so I decided to cut them off and add some sparks on them. 

I cut the jeans into a pair of shorts, but they aren't really finished yet - they will come up in the next tutorial. That long denim fabric I was left with... just gonna use it in as many ways as I could think of. One of the easy ones - the BRAIDED DENIM BRACELET!

Steps shown below:
This is so simple - You guys might probably figure out what I've done with the three thin stripes.
1. Cut three lines, each about 5 cm long, 1 cm wide on your denim.

2. Tear off the stripes (it's upto you really you can use the scissors to cut them out).

3. Put each stripe on top of each other, leave about 2 cm in the front, sew them together so you can start your braid.

4. Start braiding!

5. When you have almost finished braiding, sew the end of the braid with a button.

6. Cut out a line on the 2 cm space you left before, so you can fit your button on the other side in.

7. Viola! Wear it with jeans, skirts, summer dresses...

(lil' tip: after cutting the denim,the splitting ends and threads might get a bit messy; chop them off if you feel like doing it or leave them there to create a distressed effect! x)

Hope you like my tutorial! Leave comments below if you have any questions :)

kawai, xx.

Greetings :)

Hi guys! I am super new to blogspot. nice to meet you all here! :D

My name is Kawai (sounds like HAWAII but with a "K"), a college girl from Hong Kong who's getting into uni next year. I am now in the United Kingdom, staying somewhere near London. Like many of you here, I love to share my thoughts, ideas, funny things that I'd come across with and stuff. 

And YES, I am a massive fan of DIY and you'll often see me posting tutorials. Yeh I love summer and the breeze the sea the sand the salt and everything. Cheers and I'll be posting my first ever tutorial soon! 

Kawai xx